The Potomac Center for Photography is a place to learn about photography. We have field workshops, classes, guest speakers, equipment reviews, webinars, and shootouts. The goal is to improve your photography skills. Each event will be designed to help you become more creative with your photography, share and grow your portfolios, and most of all have fun and shoot! All types of photographers and skill levels are welcome. It doesn't matter if your passion is shooting people, places or things. The educational opportunities will cover all aspects of photography including but not limited to: Studio Photography, Product Photography, Landscape Photography, Nature Photography, Architectural Photography, Macro Photography, Night Photography and other specialized types of photography. We have classes ranging from how to use your point and shoot or camera phone to how to use the most sophisticated professional cameras and gear. 


Please note if you bought an Intro to DSLR class through Living Social or Amazon Local you do not need to register again. All you need to do is show up at the class with your voucher. You are automatically registered for the date you bought the voucher for when you made your purchase. The vouchers are date specific.


The entrance to our studio door says The Studio at Dulles!