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Adam Freedman is a fashion & life style photographer / director. He pays very close attention to detail to create highly stylized, meticulously produced, client-centric, conceptual photographs. His images tend to have a level of saturation or punch that visually engage the viewer and draws them into the story he has created. The editorial style in his photographs tells the story, delivers the message, invokes the felling that the client wants delivered. In editorial fashion his images make you want to be on their with the subjects. In commercial advertising his images make you want use the services or product.

Always wanting to give back, Adam also in well known for his teaching workshops and lectures. He has been the featured speaker for brands like Leica Cameras, Profoto, Phottix, Phase One, Broncolor, Canon, Westcott and many more companies. He is a founding partner in the Studio at Dulles and the Potomac Center for Photography.

Tera Studios, LLC

ASMP Member